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Tackling Invasive Plants

If you have been on the trails recently you have probably seen a few areas that our land management team has been clearing. The invasive trees and plants have taken over a number of our fields that we are working to reclaim. In particular, the red cedars and honeysuckle spread rapidly and eventually choke out all the native plants and grasses.

Returning the property to quality prairie and forest will greatly improve the animal habitat and help maintain a balanced ecosystem including varied native plants and animal species.

Winning the battle takes both manual and mechanical work. Our board chair, Chris Habel, recently added a couple bobcat attachments to his ever expanding tool collection. Now we are able to make considerable progress in a short amount of time. There are some areas that we hit hard and need to be cleaned up, but please know our volunteers are working diligently and as quickly as weather permits.

The more helping hands the more progress we can make! If you have some time to share, grab your gloves and join our land management crew. Work days are the third Saturday of each month.

Please feel free to call with any questions or for more details.


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