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Valley View welcomes scouts to complete their projects here at our nature preserve. 

Valley View Nature Preserve 

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects

Girl Scout Gold Awards​​

Valley View welcomes scouts to complete their projects here at our nature preserve.  We have had bat houses, bridges, walkways, trail steps, blue bird boxes and a solar system replica installed in the past few years.  These projects are wonderful additions to the property and a great way for the scouts to contribute to a non-profit organization and the community.

We ask that scouts visit the property, give consideration to their area of interest, a realistic evaluation of the resources available to them (financial, manpower and expertise) and the time frame for their project.  We have a list of project ideas but encourage scouts offer their own suggestions for improvements that they think would be beneficial.

Scouts should email Valley View introducing themselves and begin the process of identifying the project they wish to complete.  Once a project is identified, it is the scout’s responsibility to complete the project proposal and design to submit to Valley View for final approval and submit the necessary paperwork to their troop leadership.   A member of our land management committee will serve as a contact person for the scout throughout the process.  

Scouts will be responsible for project details including:

  • materials

  • supplies

  • deliveries

  • tools

  • budgeting

  • project funding/fundraising

  • volunteers

  • work schedule

Valley View is happy to recognize labor and materials as donations, but as a non- profit we are generally unable to provide significant financial contributions to these projects.   Nor do we generally reimburse project expenses through the Valley View Foundation.  As part of the proposal we will certainly help with incidentals, or other time /material requests, but cannot guarantee them.

Interested scouts may contact Valley View by calling the office or sending an email:

(513) 218-1098 or info@valleyviewcampus.org

Valley View Foundation

790 Garfield Avenue Milford, Ohio 45150


Tel: 513.218.1098

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